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Dish Network Receivers: Everything You Need to Know

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DISH Network has upped their satellite game in a big way, offering unbeatable service and high-value programming packages. Many customers have flocked to DISH Network after less-than-stellar experiences with DirecTV or the inability to acquire large-scale television channels as a result of their physical location. DISH Network, like DirecTV, is able to offer satellite television to just about everyone in America (and even some Canadians who receive the signal).

At the core of their service is their programming- DISH Network has partnered with some rather large and prestigious networks, such as Discovery Channel and HBO. This content is broadcast over their state-of-the-art satellite network and received by your personal dish at your home. Depending on your receiver, you may be able to do an assortment of things with it once it arrives:

If you have a DVR (digital video recorder) you can pause, rewind, and record live TV. The advanced features of the DVR will enrich your programming, allowing you to manipulate the television stream as you watch it, record the shows that you want to watch again, and generally do more with your television.

If you have a HD receiver you’ll be able to watch high-definition channels. While the standard receiver that is included with your satellite package will allow you to watch television and purchase-pay-per-view, you will be unable to view high-definition channels, even if you have high-definition channels included in your program or a high definition TV.

DISH Network is very proactive about the acquisition of HD receivers. High definition television is still a relatively new technology, and the receivers require pretty significant changes when compared to a standard receiver.

Problems With a Your DISH Network Receiver

Like all things technical, DISH Network receivers are prone to the occasional fritz or error. This will happen every now and then, and unfortunately it is something that can’t be avoided. If this happens quite frequently, you may want to talk to DISH Network’s customer service, as your receiver may be damaged or defective. If you have not caused it any physical damage, it will likely be covered by a warranty.

In light of the errors that sometime occur we’ve decided to prepare a small self-help guide to save the amount of time that you will spend on the phone with the customer service department.

Your receiver cannot receive the signal – This is the most common error that you will encounter, and it is unfortunately one that you may not have direct control over. This error occurs any time that the receiver is unable to detect a strong enough signal to warrant it displaying a picture or projecting an audio stream.

There are many reasons that this error my occur, such as the satellite signal itself being interfered with by poor weather or significant electronic interference.

What to do about it.

If this happens every now and then it’s not a big deal, and as such requires no action on your part. If it is quite frequent, however, you are going to want to perform some basic diagnostics:

Ensure that the satellite has a good connection – Check to see the strength of the signal that the satellite is receiving. If it is not picking up a strong signal, change the alignment of the dish and see if you can remedy it.

If you are unable to gain a strong signal you may need to change the location of your satellite dish to one that is completely unobstructed and has a clear view of the southern sky.

Check to make sure that there are no problems with your account – Your receiver will not display a signal if your account has gone into arrears. If you lose your signal for a prolonged period of time (more than a few hours), call DISH Network and ensure that this is no the case.

You cannot order pay-per-view – If you have it specified in your account that pay-per-view cannot be ordered this is not the fault of your receiver. However, if you have not made such a request and are unable to order pay-per-view it is probably because you do not have your receiver plugged into your phone line.

Your receiver has a small built-in modem that will dial out and connect with DISH Network, place the order, and then confirm your order. If the modem is not plugged into the phone line it will not be able to do this.

What to do about it.

Plug your phone line into the back of your receiver to give your receiver an active connection and allow it to order pay-per-view.

The signal is blurry, pixelated, or just generally bad – Check to see that all connections are made properly and that the satellite is receiving a strong signal. If so, check your TV settings and make sure that they are as they should be.

Next, go into the menu of your receiver and see if any errors are displayed or if there is a problem with the software itself- it will let you know if it needs to be updated. As well, check to see if it is all channels or just one channel. If the receiver is malfunctioning, it will be doing so for all channels. If it is only one channel that’s not working correctly it is likely on the broadcasting end and is not a fault of your receiver.

There are very few errors that persist outside of what was listed here. As always, if you are experiencing frequent errors you should call DISH Network’s technical support and gain assistance, as they may be able to correct the problem or take active steps to getting it dealt with.

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