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When is it time to Upgrade Your Satellite Dish and Reciever?

When people buy satellite television, they rarely go back to cable. Obviously there are a ton of reasons for that, but that means that most satellite tv subscribers are in it for the long haul. When you first sign up for DISH Network or DirecTV its great having new shiny equipment. However in time new technology comes along and old technology becomes obsolete. This means that eventually you will need to replace your current DISH and Receiver to get new programming and a clearer picture.

Making the decision that you need a new dish and receiver can be a bit tricky because new technology is always coming out, when when you buy something one day, it seems to be almost obsolete the next day. However I have found that a good rule of thumb is to replace your DISH system when you upgrade to a new television. Most people replace their TV every 4 to 5 years.

These days many people are upgrading their old DISH systems so that they are able to receive HD (high definition) channels and programming. If you are with DISH Network you need to have a DISH 500 or 1000 system to receive the HD channels that they offer. DISH HD channels and programming also require one of the following receivers iP211, ViP222, ViP622 DVR or ViP722 DVR receiver.

The good news is that if you are upgrading your DISH system because you want to get the HD content, they are constantly running deals and promotions that might allow you to get a free HD DVR, and a new dish at no charge. If you are upgrading because you just bought a new television, you probably want to look into the HD programming and packages that DISH offers because your new television can probably take advantage of this new technology.

If you have just moved into a house which already has a satellite dish installed, you always want to check and make sure that it is the latest hardware the satellite company offers. If it isn’t and you are signing up to become a new customer, you always should request new hardware because you can often get it for no charge, and that way you stay up to date and can get the most programming for the best price possible.

I also recommend checking your providers website every now and then just to see what is new and if they are offering any new services. If these services require equipment that you don’t have, thats a good way to tell that your receiver or satellite dish may be out of date, and you might want to consider replacing it.

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