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Dish 1000

The DISH 1000 is the newest addition to DISH Networks satellite dish hardware. This system was developed to provide DISH Network customers with full HD (High Definition) channels and content. The DISH 1000 receives signals from satellites located at 110°W, 119°W and 129°W.  Before the DISH 1000 was developed, DISH Network subscribers needed to use 2 satellite dishes to receive full HD content.  This new system solves that problem for most customers, however some customers still require 2 separate DISHs to view HD content, depending on location. It is estimated that about 70% of the current subscriber base can receive full HD content with just the DISH 1000 system.

DISH 1000 Specs


* 1 5/8″ mounting mast
* 18″h x 23″w dish face

Standard Configuration:
DISH 1000 includes a DP Plus Twin and a DP Dual (or DP Single) LNBF – no switch needed for up to two receivers.

* DP Plus Twin LNBF for orbital locations; 110°, 119°
* DP Dual (or DP Single) LNBF for orbital locations; 129°

* When installing with a DPP 44 switch, the DP Dual must be connected directly to the switch and NOT to the DPP Twin.

Valid Receiver combinations include:

* Any DISH Pro or DISH Pro Plus Receiver
o Up to two DISH Pro Plus Receivers each with DISH Pro Plus Separators for the single-cable installation advantage.
* One Legacy Receiver with one DISH Pro or DISH Pro Plus Receiver

Receivers NOT compatible with DISH 1000: (*no 129 support)
1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, JVC-IRR, DISHPlayer 7100/7200

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