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DirecTV Receivers: Everything You Need To Know

DirecTV has been called the king of satellite television, and for good reason. DirecTV has been around for what seems like forever, and when someone says satellite television, DirecTV is always the first name that comes to mind. It’s no surprise to hear that DirecTV is on the forefront of satellite technology, introducing receivers with amazing capabilities and massive built-in hard drives.

Of course, even the best receivers on the market (as DirecTV arguably maintains) are prone to errors, mistakes, and defects. What’s important is determining whether you are experiencing a rather common error, such as a loss of picture, or if your receiver is actually defective. This process can be difficult and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and many technical support companies would love nothing more than to send a support technician to your home, complete with a new receiver and a bill to go with it.

Save yourself the time and first assess if whether the errors you are receiving are the result of defective hardware or not:

Record when you receive the errors – If they occur randomly, infrequently, or only on specific channels, chances are good that your receiver is not defective. Defective receivers tend to experience the same errors over and over again, and this is exasperated even further in specific isolated conditions.

Record the date, time, and channel that you were watching. If you have another functioning receiver in the house, tune into the same channel and see if it also experiences the outage. If not, than you have successfully determined that it is the receiver that is the problem. If it does experience the same outage, then you are safe believing that it is the station itself.

Note the severity of the errors – Small video imperfections or audio desynchronizing happens every now and then on all satellite receivers. If you notice that this is happening to you in a rare basis there is little that you can do to correct it. However, if your receiver begins to randomly restart, distort video on all channels, etc., it’s a fair bet to assume that the receiver itself is defective or damaged in some way.

Basic Receiver Reinstallation

If you’ve opted to replace your receiver, or have simply purchased another receiver, having to pay someone $100 to come and install it for you can be frustrating. Receivers are not cheap- at a tad of $100 for a base model, having to pay someone another $100 to come install it for you is like the straw that broke th camels back.

Luckily, installing a satellite receiver is a relatively straightforward process. All you need to know is a few vital pieces of information and you’ll be up and running in no time.

1. Remove the old receiver – Unplug all of the connections (making sure to label what each one of them was), unplug the receiver from the electrical outlet, and remove your access card.

2. Place your new receiver in its position – When choosing a position it is important that you place your receiver in a location where the remote will have a direct line of sight to it and that all necessary cables and wires will be able to reach the back of the receiver.

3. Reinstall all of the connections – The back of your new receiver will have a few different A/V or RCA outputs. They will all be output as opposed to input, save the connection of the coaxial cable that runs from the satellite dish to the receiver. Plug in all of the connections (you labeled them before you unplugged them from the other one, right?). Plug in your access card (if necessary) and power on the receiver.

4. Configure the receiver – Using the remote, configure the menu options as you are prompted. These will include things such as the date, time, year, and any receiver specific functions or customization options.

5. Enjoy – Start watching TV! Assuming that all of the cables were correctly labeled and plugged in, your receiver should now be sending a digital audio and video stream to your TV, home theater, or both!

It is unlikely that your receiver is defective, however, and replacement is definitely a last resort. DirecTV has a reputation for reliable hardware, and our experience with their receivers has shown nothing but good things for us. Everything worked (as it was supposed to) and we have yet to run into any kind of error or mistake that could be blamed on the receiver in any way.

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